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Life is good in the old neighborhood !

Our Story:

By Joe Sandoval: article from La Prensa

Rio and Reyes weren’t always Rio and Reyes. Back in the day, before the name was a buzz phrase, they were like Rice and Beans, a good match.

Their friendship began in 1973, at San Antonio College and little did they know a morning duo was developing. Both were students at SAC’s RTF (Radio, Television and Film)

While it all seemed natural, it was a technique they developed over the years. The chemistry evolved because of that relationship. The pair would hang out at SAC or at the nearby ‘place to be,’ the Quarter House & Great Gatsby’s.

After college, it was time for the two to hit the road, Rio (Real Name John Rosales) went to work in El Paso’s top FM station, KINT.FM 98. Program Director Jhani Kaye wanted to change his name.

“We came with an air name, Sonny Rio,” Rio said. “Sonny because that was the Chamber of Commerce slogan in El Paso was, ‘It’s always sunny in El Paso.’ ”

In San Antonio, Reyes was making his inroads on local radio, in a manner of speaking. Answering phones for Charlie Brown, a dollar an hour answering phones for the request line, tabulator,” From there a part-time job on KTFM.

Actually he was like a utility baseball player, doing whatever was needed. Weekends or filling in where they needed a warm body.

After a short stay in the Rio Grande Valley, Reyes returned to KTFM for an overnight full-time gig.

Eventually Rio came back to San Antonio. Their paths would cross again, when Rio returned to host the 6-10p slot on KTSA. Rio and Reyes were together again, but this time going head to head at night, but the chemistry was still there. The fun was not only on the air but while the Mic’s were off  “They were always BS-ing in the hallways, always shooting the s**t.” and making guest appearances on each others show!

Rio left for KSAQ in the early 80’s, with Reyes following a couple years later and both ended up doing afternoons for INNER CITY BROADCASTING, and eventually moved to mornings because of that on-air chemistry, recognized by Program Director Leo Vela.

Before you knew it, they were the city’s top morning duo. However, it was at Magic 105 that all this happened, under the direction of Kelley McCann. They were a Saturday Night Live show every morning and the ratings proved that what they were doing was working and making them No. 1.

From 1994-1999 Their last successful run was the Rio Grande Valley’s B-104, under the direction of Billy Santiago.

With Radio Industry changes, there is no room for the TEAM concept. So For the past 10 years this team has been off the air…..Until Now!!!

The team is back and is focused on reconnecting with their hometown!